Arrangements are made from fresh flowers just before delivery to the desired address at the nearest florist. We always deliver!

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  • 1. Choose a flower
  • 2. fill in the information
  • 3. Pay with online banking

NB! You do not even have to register. Sending flowers in less than 2 minutes.

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Congratulatory 1

The world is full of beauty when the heart is full of love

Congratulatory 2

Congratulations big and deep, all the best for the holidays!

Congratulatory 3

I want to bring you flowers today. Happy birthday to your life.

Congratulatory 4

You must have the magic of youth, because you cannot have years and time.

Congratulatory 5

I pick flowers, flowers I carry, my most beautiful flowers I give you. Congratulations!

Congratulatory 6

You must have the magic of youth when you can’t have me for years, not time.

Congratulatory 7

The rose glowing to you today I hand you out. Its petal each hides a wish of happiness.

Congratulatory 8

As many as the stars in the sky are twinkling, as many as flowers in the meadow are blossoming, just as much as we wish you good luck (name)!

Grief 1

Do not forget your memory beautiful, good, last rest be peaceful, deep.

Grief 2

Life is bound to give up both the small and the many. But in the end, only goodbye remains.

Grief 3

There are memories that time and years cannot take away. There are memories whose magic ages in everyone’s soul.

Grief 4

There is no more beautiful way to leave here than to sleep quietly in your sleep. Beautiful memories give power, grief heavy silence bear.

Grief 5

The sun is setting, the shadows are already lengthening, it is a time of difference and farewell. The friend of the most precious is gone … -Kari Rydman-

Grief 6

There remains a beautiful land, life here stays, a star shines above the road, death cannot be a destination, its gateway to eternity.